Because it is frequently difficult to determine in advance how much time or effort will be involved in a case, most matters are handled on an hourly fee basis. The hour rate charged is dependent upon the type of matter being handled, however, most matters fall into one of the three following fee structures:

  • Cooperative Negotiation: $350 per hour *
  • Consultation: $350 per hour *
  • Collaborative Matters: $325 per hour *

* Rates are subject to change without notice.

As a general rule, matters involving estate planning and real estate co-ownership agreements are handled on a fixed fee basis, depending upon the complexity of the matters involved. Please call (703) 841-9318 for more information.


It is the policy of The McHugh Law Firm to work from a retainer. At the beginning of each representation, a fee agreement will be signed setting forth the terms of the representation. For most larger matters (estate planning and co-ownership agreements excepted), an initial retainer of between $3,000 and $5,000 will be requested, although cases involving especially complex matters may require larger retainers. On a regular basis, a statement indicating the amount of fees accrued will be sent to the client, and the client will be requested to replenish the retainer within fifteen days. The details of the retainer and all charges applicable to the representation will be set forth in the representation agreement.

Payment is expected at the time when services are rendered. Accordingly, in the event of a consultation that does not lead to representation, payment by check is requested at the conclusion of the meeting.