Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is never easy, but you do have a choice about the process you use to dissolve your relationship. Collaborative Divorce is a less painful, respectful way to resolve your differences in a safe and confidential setting; a place where you and your spouse make informed decisions about your future, and the future of your children. Collaborative Divorce is an alternative approach to the traditional combative divorce process that engages divorcing couples outside the courtroom in an open, supportive, low-conflict process to find shared solutions. Each party has their own attorney, and there are financial professionals and coaches who offer additional support to help the divorcing couple and their families move beyond the divorce phase and forward with their lives.

The hallmarks of Collaborative Divorce are: (1) a signed commitment agreement wherein each client agrees that they will not use their collaborative attorneys for future litigation; (2) an agreement to fully disclose all relevant information so that both clients can make informed decisions; and (3) a commitment to open and honest interest based negotiation where the needs of both clients can be fully addressed. Collaborative Divorce is a forward looking process designed to ensure that both clients make this important transition as smoothly as possible.

Collaborative Divorce also recognizes that in any divorce, there are really three divorces: the legal divorce; the financial divorce; and the emotional divorce. While the exact nature of the Collaborative Process will be determined by the clients in consultation with their professionals, to assist the clients in their efforts, in addition to attorneys, Collaborative teams frequently engage the services of neutral financial professionals, trained coaches, and where there are children, child specialists to address all the needs of your family.

The philosophy of The McHugh Law Firm is that successful divorce (it does exist) is most likely to occur when both parties have a vision of their future lives that they want to move toward. In our experience, Collaborative Divorce is the process that offers the greatest opportunity for clients to safely plan their futures and make this difficult transition.

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